What is a CRM & Why do I need one?


In this video, I will explain what a CRM is and why it is essential for managing customer relationships.

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I will cover the purpose and benefits of using a CRM system, such as keeping customers informed, managing communication, and increasing professionalism.

Whether you are a small business or looking to grow, implementing a CRM system can significantly improve your chances of winning jobs and standing out from the competition.

I will also address common concerns and misconceptions about CRM systems and provide insights into how they can enhance your business.

If you think you do not need one. think again.


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • A CRM stands for customer relationship management and is used to manage customer relationships within a system
  • It keeps customers happy by managing their expectations and keeping them informed
  • A CRM manages your diary and all customer communications in one place
  • It connects to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business
  • It welcomes new customers and guides them through the sales process
  • It keeps customers informed about where they are in the journey and what to expect next
  • It communicates with customers automatically, making your business look professional
  • Common myths about CRM systems include that they are only for big businesses and that they are not necessary for small businesses
  • Anyone who is self-employed can benefit from using a CRM system
  • Implementing a CRM system can save time, increase chances of making a sale, and make your business look more professional
  • It reduces friction and improves communication with customers
  • It reduces administrative time and costs
  • The price of not having a CRM system can be significant in terms of time and money
  • The cost of a CRM system can range from £30 to £1000 or more, depending on complexity and number of users
  • The CRM system offered by KBB Supply Services is priced at around £100 per month and includes all the necessary systems for a kitchen business
  • To learn more about the CRM system, watch the demo video and contact KBB Supply Services for any questions or queries

Watch The CRM Demo Video Here