CRM Demo & Walkthrough - Your Perfect Sales Process


Lee and I will discuss the key sections of the KBB CRM system and what it does.


We will cover the dashboard, messaging and conversation, calendars, the sales pipeline, email templates, and using a CRM for social media and marketing.

The CRM system automates most of the process, saving you time and effort. We will also emphasise the importance of completing step two in the sales process and getting started with marketing.

The CRM system we recommend is affordable and will greatly enhance your productivity.


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • The CRM system is designed to manage the sales process and customer journey automatically through automatic triggers.
  • The system is specific to each business and can be branded accordingly
  • The system saves a significant amount of time and has incredible capabilities
  • The CRM system covers key sections such as the dashboard, messaging and conversations, calendars, sales pipeline, email templates, and social media management.
  • There is a mobile app available for managing the CRM system on the go
  • The dashboard provides an overview of opportunities, pipeline value, conversion rate, and stage distribution
  • Manual actions allow users to schedule and track activities such as follow-ups and appointments
  • The lead source report breaks down how customers entered the CRM system
  • Conversations in the CRM system capture all customer communications from various channels, including social media, text messages, and phone calls.
  • The conversations feature allows for quick and efficient communication with customers, and it can be accessed through the mobile app as well.
  • The CRM system keeps track of all customer communications and allows for easy collaboration with team members.
  • The calendar feature integrates with online calendars to manage availability and schedule appointments
  • The booking form on the website reflects the availability set in the online calendar, allowing customers to book appointments accordingly
  • The calendar system allows customers to choose a convenient time for appointments and automatically updates the online calendar and mobile phone calendar
  • Sending a link to the website allows customers to book their own appointments, with the option to contact the business if they can't find a suitable time
  • The sales pipeline is described as the perfect sales process and is built into the CRM system
  • The pipeline includes steps such as lead generation, home surveys, design sessions, quotes, and deposits
  • The pipeline is automated, with emails sent at each stage to encourage customers to move forward in the process
  • The CRM system recognises duplicate customer information and avoids duplication
  • The system includes a waiting period for customers who have gone quiet, with automated emails sent to encourage them to continue with the process
  • The pipeline can be customised and optimised as needed to improve conversion rates
  • Emails sent from the CRM system follow brand guidelines and include the company logo and colours
  • System-generated emails include buttons to encourage customers to take specific actions
  • The emails include links to videos and quote documents, which can be customised for each customer
  • The CRM system tracks customer interactions with the links and provides valuable information for follow-up
  • The use of a Gmail account is discouraged, as the emails should come from the company's name to maintain professionalism.
  • The CRM system retrieves the necessary information from the customer record to include in the emails, eliminating the need for manual attachment.
  • Training and support are provided to help users understand and utilize the CRM system effectively
  • The emails have improved significantly compared to a few months ago
  • The email signature and picture at the bottom help customers get to know the person they're working with
  • The social media feature allows users to connect their Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts
  • Users can schedule posts in advance, up to five years
  • Spending an hour every two weeks to schedule posts is recommended
  • The app is mainly for managing customers, not for posting on social media
  • The reporting feature shows how Google and Facebook campaigns are performing
  • It also provides call reporting and appointment reports
  • The CRM can help businesses analyse their stats and make improvements
  • Social media marketing reporting is a powerful tool
  • Getting to this level with all the features can give businesses a significant advantage