KBB Supply Services is the brainchild of Aaron & Lee.

After building a 7 figure KBB installation business against all the challenges that naturally stand in anyone's way in this industry, and after a few HUGE failures along the way. It is safe to say we did it. With a kitchen business AND a bathroom business.

We mastered a selling process and the mentality to succeed in what we believe is a rigged and unfair industry that lives in the past.

The number of challenges that had to be overcome and the risks taken to get where we are today are endless and would have ended most people numerous times over, but we are still standing, battered and bruised, but still ready to fight. But this time, for our Trade Partners!

We created this programme utilising our own trusted supply chains, business-building knowledge, and the technology we have used over the years to build our own businesses - that we still operate today.

This programme removes the barriers you previously would have faced entering your local kitchen market and allows you to build your own PROPER kitchen brand, removing the guesswork, along with most of the risk and the overheads you would normally need to overcome to offer your own end-to-end service.

There has never been an opportunity like this to emulate our own success in a fraction of the time it took us.

We wish you all the best of luck as a Trade Partner.

Aaron & Lee