How to send your Quote/Contract


When you have worked out your costs after a survey, it's time to present your proposal to your customer.

As a KBB Trade Partner or KBB Academy member, you will be familiar with the KBB Perfect Sales Process - The process we have used to win £Millions worth of work over a decade. 

You will know that in step 4, we recommend using professional proposal software (Better proposals) to wow your customers. 

No more fag packet estimates for you!

We have always used a software called Better Proposals in our installation businesses; this is how to get yourself set up;

  1. Watch the video above of Aaron explaining as a kitchen business why you should use this software. The video is also a tutorial.
  2. Sign up on this link - you will get your first month FREE on us! - Click here to create an account
  3. Set up your account following these instructions - Click Here for instructions.
  4. Copy this document for your business, add your branding and remove what does not apply to your business, such as the Which? Trusted Trader logo and wording if you are not endorsed by Which? - Click here to download the template
  5. Learn how to copy the template we have provided into your Better Proposals software using these tutorials - Click here for tutorials. 


If you prefer, we can do this for you. We can set up a template for you - Click Here. 

You will still need to create and set up your account and give us access.


Once your proposal templates are set up, you will want to send a video of you explaining your quote and design to your customer using Loom video software.


Key Takeaways from this video:

  • The purpose of the video is to explain how to properly send a quote or contract to customers using Better Proposals Software
  • It is important to make the customer feel special and make yourself look professional when sending a quote
  • Implementing terms and conditions in the quote can help protect your business and make customers feel more secure
  • Technology, such as using software like Better Proposals, is recommended for sending quotes and contracts
  • Better Proposals allows you to create templates with your branding and easily add sections such as introduction, time scales, 2D plans, 3D designs, pricing tables, and terms and conditions
  • Getting customers to sign the quote or contract is important to avoid miscommunication and protect your business
  • The software tracks when customers have read the proposal and allows them to download a PDF copy
  • Using technology for quotes and contracts can help prevent issues and ensure everything is documented properly
  • It is recommended to watch other videos in the series about quoting and costing properly, using the quote template, and tracking jobs