Better Proposal Templates

Better Proposal Templates

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The Better Proposals System is invaluable to your business and plays a crucial role in your sales process. 

The day we implemented this into our business when we were building our own installation business, it made a huge difference to how customers perceived us, making us look more professional.


In turn, this helped us convert more sales and grow the business.

It can also make the customers who try to take advantage of you think again. If you are coming across as professional from the beginning and there is a signed agreement in place, this can save you a lot of headaches over the years - and money!

But, this must be done exactly as described in the tutorial video in the KBB University. Not see it yet - Watch It Here


Since we started this programme, many members have done it themselves and on many occasions have missed parts or made errors, which can make you look worse than not doing it at all in some cases!


If you are not sure you want to do this yourself or want to save time and have this done for you properly the first time, let us do it for you.


Please allow ten working days from the date of order to completion.