How to complete the perfect survey and quote


The first time you meet your potential new customer is at the survey.


let's learn how to do this properly and increase our chances of getting a sale over the line.


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • The purpose of the presentation is to discuss the importance of the perfect survey in building trust with customers and securing sales
  • The survey is critical in determining whether the customer will choose to work with you or not
  • Mastering the survey can greatly improve your conversion rate and lead to business independence
  • Customers buy from the person they trust the most, so building trust is crucial
  • Tips for a successful survey include: being punctual, wearing clean clothes, accepting a drink, taking off your shoes, using the customer's name, listening carefully, not being a smart ass, educating the customer politely, remaining open-minded, and letting the customer know what happens next and when
  • Leaving behind branded brochures or information packs can help the customer remember your business and increase conversion rates
  • Following up with the customer after sending a quote is important and can be done manually or through an automated CRM system
  • Following up can take time, as customers may take months to make a decision
  • Having a proper sales process, including steps such as booking a survey, sending videos, providing quotes, and having design meetings, is essential for success
  • The CRM system can help with follow-ups, design meetings, and other aspects of the sales process
  • It is recommended to watch the CRM demo video in the KBB University for more information on using the CRM system - here
  • Regularly checking the KBB University for new content and updates is advised