Creating The Perfect Online Profile

Creating a profile on a recommendation site or your own website is a great way to win work, when it is done right!

If done wrong, it will lose the trust of the reader and reduce the number of enquiries you could get dramatically.

In this video, we will cover how to make the most of the short time you have the reader's attention to convince them you are the installer for them and get in touch with you while reading your profile.


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • Online profiles like Mybuilder, Rated People etc are a good source of leads for trade partners starting off in their journey to escape labour only work
  • The better the profile, the better chance of winning work
  • It is important to understand the positioning and perception of your profile in the marketplace
  • Focus on two platforms that are trusted in your area
  • Use high-quality images of fully decorated rooms in your profile
  • Avoid using the word "we" too much in your copy, make it about the customer
  • Use sections and bullet points to make the profile easy to read
  • Section 1: Thank visitors, address concerns and emotional triggers, tell them what to do, mention any specialties
  • Section 2: Explain how your company deals with issues, mention warranty
  • Section 3: Tell them about your team, experience, and who you work with, include positive reviews
  • Have a sales process in place to convert leads into sales
  • Use a CRM system to manage the customer journey and build trust

 Not sure what a CRM system is?

Find out here.