What's inside your welcome box?

Want to book your onboarding call?

Pick a date and time that suits you on the calendar below. We will give you a call to discuss how we can support you and your business.


Is there anything to pay?

No! The service we provide is completely free of charge. The benifits and services that we provide enable us to create a process that helps you to win more jobs and in turn place more orders.

Are your kitchens and products good quality?

Absolutely! We have been installing our kitchens for over 10 years and the quality is superior to many of the well known UK suppliers that undoubtedly you will have used. You and your customers will be delighted.

What are your delivery times?

We operate to a 3-5 day delivery timescale however as we have a strict delivery schedule we deliver to a particular are on certain days.

Why choose you?

We have developed KBB Supply Services from a successful installation business. As ex-installers we understand what is important when planning, designing and delivering your products; coupled with understanding the complexities of an installation project we know what is priority.