How To Get A Free Website

Learn about the basics of a GREAT website and how to get started with your FREE website

A website is the epicentre of a customer's decision-making when they are choosing companies to invite to their home to quote a project.
The quality of your website will determine the quality of work you get. Learn how to get this right the first time.
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Key Takeaways From This Video:
  • Having a website is a necessity in the digital age and is not optional for serious businesses
  • Websites can bring in more trust and customers if built properly
  • Websites should have educational and optimised content to improve search engine visibility
  • Websites can position your brand effectively and increase conversion rates
  • Websites allow potential customers to get to know you and build trust before meeting you
  • Websites can help you avoid relying solely on word of mouth for business
  • A good website can provide a net to catch leads and automatically book appointments
  • Websites should be deep, meaning they should have a lot of content and not be cheaply made
  • A proper website should be a true representation of your brand and meet certain criteria to gain trust
  • Websites should be easy to read and have images of your work, customer reviews, and multiple ways to get in touch.
  • Avoid using personal mobile numbers on your website, which can make your business look unprofessional.
  • A good website can be an enterprise-level representation of your company.
  • Joining the KBB Academy can provide you with a free, professionally designed website.
  • To get a website from the KBB Academy, you need to join and follow the instructions on their website.
  • Having a good website with trustworthy content is essential in today's business landscape.