Your Customer Journey - Managing your processes

Your customer journey is your whole business. Without a defined and well managed customer journey you have no real business.

Even if you are not looking to grow, managing each job and knowing exactly where everything is up to will help you stay efficient which will keep your bottom line strong.

In this presentation, find out how to manage your customer journey and get our free customer journey template for you to implement into your business.

Here you can download the customer journey document: DOWNLOAD


Key Takeaways From This Video

  • The presentation is about the importance of the customer journey in the construction industry
  • The goal is to make trade partners independent by providing them with the tools to run their own businesses
  • The customer journey includes everything from the initial inquiry to getting a five-star review
  • Managing every step of the customer journey is important for running a successful business
  • Without a customer journey, it is difficult to have a functioning business
  • Having a mapped out customer journey is critical for growth and delegation
  • A spreadsheet can be used to start mapping out the customer journey
  • The customer journey can be broken down into sections such as leads, quotes, designs, projects, and closures
  • Each section has its own set of processes and tasks
  • Tracking leads, quotes, and designs is important for understanding customer behavior and improving conversion rates
  • Setting up projects involves tasks such as ordering materials, scheduling installations, and creating a WhatsApp group for communication
  • Projects in progress require ongoing management and coordination
  • Closing projects involves tasks such as obtaining customer feedback, requesting reviews, and updating social media platforms
  • The customer journey spreadsheet can be used to track progress, analyze data, and make improvements
  • Regularly reviewing the customer journey data can help identify trends and areas for improvement
  • The customer journey spreadsheet can be customized to fit the needs of individual businesses
  • The importance of keeping records and analyzing data for business growth and efficiency
  • The customer journey spreadsheet can be a valuable tool for analysing business performance and making informed decisions