Using video with your quotes - Loom


In this video, we go over step 4 of the perfect KBB Sales Process.

Using video to send your quote, we recommend using a software called Loom and in this video, we will show you how to set up your Loom account and cover all the best practices for sending videos to your customers.

Using video increases your conversion rate significantly, they do not need to be perfect so it's time to get this into your sales process and reap those benefits!

Remember the order you should talk about the subjects in your video:

1. Thank them for asking you quote and inviting you over to do a survey

2. Go over the 2d Plan first, explain the options that could change and how these changes could affect the price (start with the cheaper options in your first quote)

3. Go over each line of your quote and explain what it is and why it is needed

4. Show them the 3D designs and again explain what can be changed/moved and how the costs could change

5. Make it clear nothing at this stage is final & show them how to book a design session with you

6. Let them know you will contact them in a few days to see how they are getting on.

Remember - your CRM will do this on its own if you are using the KBB CRM system!

All KBB Academy members get a CRM System and website as part of their membership. 

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Key Takeaways From This Video:


  • Using video with quotes is important for building trust with customers
  • Not many people use video in this way, so it can give you a competitive advantage
  • The conversion rate can increase from 20-25% to 35-60% when using video with quotes
  • It doesn't need to be perfect, you will improve over time
  • Create an account on Loom and get the AI version for better video organization
  • Install the Chrome extension for easy access to Loom
  • Costs for Loom range from $6 for the basic version to $90 per year for the AI version
  • Loom AI automatically generates titles and summaries for videos
  • Loom allows you to track who has viewed your videos
  • Use Loom to create a video explaining the 2D plan and quotation to customers
  • Show the customer the brochure and any 3D designs
  • Explain the next step, which is booking a design meeting
  • Use the Better Proposals software to create templates for quotes and contracts
  • Create two templates, one with a signature box and one without, depending on the stage of the sales process
  • Remove the signature box from the first template to avoid pressuring the customer
  • Use the Loom video link in emails or CRM systems to share the video with customers
  • Follow best practices for creating a Loom video, such as using the Chrome extension and turning off notifications
  • Use a script for the video to ensure all important points are covered
  • Encourage customers to book the design meeting through the video and provide a clear call to action