How to sell Kitchens

Let’s learn how to sell kitchens. Get ready to make some money.

Selling kitchens is not a science. It’s an art. Well, it’s a process, really.

We call it the perfect KBB Sales Process. Find out how to execute it here to increase your conversion rate considerably.

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Find out how in this video.

Key Takeaways from this video:

  • The video is about how to sell kitchens effectively
  • The process of selling kitchens involves several steps
  • Rule number one is not to try to sell the kitchen right away but to sell the next step in the process
  • Step one is to get attention from marketing, but it is important to understand the entire process before starting marketing efforts
  • Step two is to book the survey, which should be done through a proper appointment booking system on the website
  • Step three is to do the survey properly, as it is the first time meeting the customer
  • Step four is to send the first quote using a video, which should be done within 48 to 72 hours
  • Several videos are recommended to watch at this point are in the KBB University including how to prepare the quote, how to cost jobs properly and how to send the quote/contract (using better proposals)
  • Step five is to follow up with the customer after sending the quote, using a CRM system to manage the process will be automatic if you are an Academy Member
  • Step six is to have a design meeting with the customer, focusing on the first quote and designs
  • Step seven is to send the revised quote and close the deal with a signature and deposit using better proposals
  • Amendments may be necessary, and the process should repeat until the customer signs
  • Step eight is to book the job and start the kitchen installation process
  • Becoming a trade partner and joining the KBB Academy can assist in managing the entire process effectively
  • The goal is to build trust with the customer and not be pushy, resulting in a high conversion rate on quotes
  • The video encourages viewers to take the process seriously and consider joining the KBB Academy for further guidance