Blogging, Content & SEO

Blogging and website content are an essential part of your strategy if you aim to grow your own local brand.

Positioning you as an expert to current, past and potential new customers is essential if you want to demand a higher price and blogging will help you do that.

Directing customers to blogs that address your their concerns is one way to use them along with working out what search terms are popular on search engines and blogging about those subjects will earn your website new traffic, which in turn will get the search engines to rank your website higher.

Find out how in this video.

Key Takeaways from this video:

  • Blogging is important for building your brand and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry
  • The video discusses the importance of blogging, content creation, social media, and SEO
  • It helps drive traffic to your website and improves your position in the marketplace
  • Positioning is crucial for success, as it determines how customers perceive your business
  • Positioning yourself as an expert is crucial for making sales
  • Blogging can help you escape lower-paid work and command higher service prices
  • To get started with blogging, you need a website and should dedicate time each week or every two weeks to create new content
  • Blogs should address customer concerns, answer common questions, and provide valuable information
  • They can be used to educate customers, address pricing concerns, and establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Blogs can also improve your local search rankings and help you attract more customers
  • Blogs can bring more traffic to your website and generate leads
  • Organic leads generated through blogs and SEO tend to be of higher quality
  • Maximising your blog involves creating videos, transcribing them, and posting them on your website and social media channels.
  • Using tools like AnswerThePublic.com can help you generate ideas for blog topics based on popular search queries
  • Inbound marketing, where customers come to you for answers, is an effective strategy for growing your business
  • It is recommended to read the book "They Ask You Answer" to learn more about inbound marketing and content creation
  • You don't need to blog constantly; posting once every two weeks is sufficient.
  • If you need assistance with blogging or website development, you can reach out to KBB Supply Services for help
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) is important for making your website more visible to search engines
  • Using AI tools like Chat GPT can help generate blog content quickly and easily
  • Posting on platforms like Google My Business and online directories can boost your website's credibility
  • Reposting blogs on social media can increase visibility and improve website rankings
  • The KBB Academy offers resources and support for blogging, content creation, and website development
  • Adding videos to your blogs can enhance engagement and build trust with your audience