Preparing Your quote, using the quote template


Costing jobs early on in your journey can be tricky and confusing.


This is by far the biggest knowledge gap when migrating off the tools or taking on your own jobs.

We have put together a template for you to quote and manage each project to ensure you are making the money you need to live properly and retain profits to invest further into your business and future.

Download the quote template here:

Watch the video to get to know how the sheet works and lets make sure you are quoting & costing correctly.


Key Takeaways From This Video

  • The video is a step by step tutorial using a quote template provided by KBB Supply Services
  • It is recommended to watch a previous video about costing jobs properly before watching this video
  • The purpose of the presentation is to teach how to correctly calculate costs and margins at the quote stage
  • The template provided is a starting point and can be used without additional software, but using job management software is advisable for larger businesses
  • The goal of KBB Supply services is to empower installers to be independent and not rely on big stores and showrooms
  • The template includes sections for adding logos, warranty information, and contact details
  • The template also includes sections for item descriptions, labour and material costs, and product costs
  • The labour and material costs can be adjusted based on individual rates and quantities
  • The template automatically calculates the net cost, sell price, and profit for each item
  • The summary section provides a breakdown of labor costs, material costs, product costs, and overall profit
  • The template can be filtered to remove items that are not included in the quote
  • The filtered template can be downloaded as a PDF and sent to the customer
  • There is a notes section for including additional information or clarifications
  • It is important to ensure that any verbal arrangements are included in the final quote to avoid additional charges
  • The text discusses the use of a quoting template to manage costs in a job
  • The template includes sections for customer information, labour budget, consumables budget, and product budget
  • The template allows for recording actual invoices and receipts as they come in
  • The template provides a job performance summary, indicating overspending or underspending in different categories
  • The template includes a target for overall costs and indicates whether the target has been met or exceeded
  • The template also provides information on expected profit and actual profit for the job
  • It recommends using the customer journey tracker spreadsheet to track multiple jobs and monitor profit
  • The importance of tracking costs and using these tools to improve margins and business performance
  • It encourages users to check the website for more content and to reach out for help if needed