Getting started as a Trade Partner


As promised here are the notes from the event:

Getting started on your journey first steps and getting ready to sell your own products and make more money;

1. Download the app - search our name on the app store

2. Get your login for the online planner & quote portal, you can order materials directly in the software also and you will get 55% off in the portal

Create login here

3. Order your brochures and get your logo on them so you look the part!

Order them here

4. Order your samples so you can showcase these to customers during your first survey.

5. If not joined already, join the Facebook group below so you don't miss anymore content to help you on your journey, click the icon below to join.

When you are with a customer:

1. Use the brand match selector in the online planner software if they have had a quote from one of the high street retailers to show them your alternative products

2. Show them your brochures and samples

3. Send your plan over to us using the survey paperwork in your welcome box and submit via the app to receive your high quality renders that you can send on with your quote.

To work out your quote watch this video - Click here

To really nail your sales process this video is a MUST watch  - Click here

4. Send the customer your quote and follow them up PROPERLY, see the sales process video and supporting document on the video page to make sure you get this right.

5. Use the online portal to order your parts or ask the team to send you a quote and payment link, remember you will get more discount ordering in the portal.

Keep learning in the KBB University: 

Click here to go straight there !

I hope this helps you on your way and we will see you on another Facebook Live