How Trade Partners Compare to Normal Kitchen Fitters


In this video, lets assess the key differences between being a kitchen fitter and a KBB Trade Partner...


I'll explain how becoming a trade partner can give you the independence to offer your own supply and fit service without relying on others.

By taking advantage of our services and engaging with our community, you can build a future-proof business that offers a premium end-to-end service to customers and builds wealth.

So, let's dive in and explore the exciting opportunities that await you as a trade partner! 💪


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • The purpose of the presentation is to explain the key differences between kitchen fitters and trade partners and how to benefit from the trade partner program
  • Kitchen fitters face high barriers to entry, such as price uncertainty, waiting for designs, and slow quoting, while trade partners have lower barriers and receive instant designs and quotes
  • Trade partners have access to free software for managing quotes and designs, as well as training and support for a proper sales process
  • Trade partners do not need to spend time at trade counters and have deliveries straight to the site, maximising their earning potential
  • Trade partners have the opportunity to make more money by supplying their own products and learning how to quote properly
  • The presenter emphasises the importance of supplier support and growing one's own brand as a trade partner
  • The barriers to offering a premium end-to-end service as a trade partner are now lower, allowing for a better customer experience compared to big showrooms
  • Trade partners have the potential to earn 10K per month by fitting two kitchens and making a margin on the jobs
  • Interested individuals can sign up for a trade account and receive a welcome pack to start the onboarding process
  • Those who are ready to break free from their current work and make more money to get in touch and sign up as a trade partner.

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