Know Your Numbers


Ever wondered how you can make more money whilst still on the tools? Or how to get off the tools and make serious money. Enter this section and see exactly how this is possible.


Key Takeaways From This Video:


  • The calculator helps users understand their business numbers and make sure they are properly understood
  • Fixed costs include van insurance, fuel, phone expenses, and other business-related costs
  • Personal expenses and wages should not be included in fixed costs if you are still on the tools
  • The number of surveys needed per month is calculated based on the conversion rate and job value
  • Increasing the conversion rate and margin can significantly reduce the number of surveys needed
  • The calculator shows that it is possible to earn £10,000 a month fitting only two kitchens while still on the tools
  • Transitioning off the tools and improving conversion rates and margins can lead to higher profits
  • The calculator provides a roadmap for achieving financial goals in the kitchen fitting business
  • The video demonstrates how to move on to make a £60,000 salary off the tools and £100,000 profit
  • The KBB Academy and KBB University offer resources and training to help improve sales and business skills
  • The calculator can be used to track progress and set goals for the future