What Is Inside Your Welcome Box?

Not signed up as a Trade Partner yet, or maybe you have ?


Find out what's in the welcome box you can buy on the link below.


Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • The box includes a welcome letter with instructions on how to book onboarding videos
  • The survey paperwork is provided for the reader to use in conjunction with the KBB Supply Services app or the trade partner website to send in designs
  • The brochure showcases the products and services offered by KBB Supply Services and can be branded with your own logo/branding 
  • A carcass sample with 2 mm Edge banding is included to demonstrate to customers the cabinet quality
  • The information pack details the free trade partner services, including a mobile app, 24-hour design service, brochures, branding packs, and design and quoting software
  • The KBB Academy is highlighted as service that offers a website, CRM system, business coaching and more
  • Don't forget to join the Facebook group, download software (after your discovery call), watch onboarding videos, and book a call with Aaron or Lee
  • Complete the steps in the welcome email and take advantage of the trade account to change your life

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